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Frequently Asked CMEA Questions from Business Owners

Business owners often forget that they have valuable tangible assets to which they may obtain additional financing for their operations. With the use of a certified valuation report, there is a excellent chance to obtain the maximum value for a loan.

Why do I need an Appraisals Communique certified appraisal? Can't I just look up the book value myself? click for Answer

Should a new partner who is purchasing an interest in a business obtain a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisal? click for Answer

Why is Fair Market Value used instead of Book Value? click for Answer

Can Appraisal Communique help me sell my assets? click for Answer

How do you know all about all the equipment you appraise? click for Answer

What types of reports do you deliver? click for Answer

Can Appraisals Communique appraise my entire business? click for Answer

Can a CPA prepare a Certified Appraisals? click for Answer

Are there industries and equipment that you do not appraise? click for Answer

What type of equipment do you appraise? click for Answer

What is the typical turnaround time for the preparation of a Certified Appraisal Report? click for Answer

Just what goes into a Certified Appraisal Report? click for Answer

What are Appraisals Communique's qualifications? click for Answer

Do you follow any code of ethics? click for Answer

How much does an appraisal cost? click for Answer

How far will you travel? click for Answer

Will a CMEA prepared report stand up to IRS and Court scrutiny? click for Answer

Will my information be kept confidential? click for Answer

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